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Welcome to Africa Taekwondo International Union

Africa Taekwondo International Union (ATIU) is a proud member of Taekwondo International (TAGB).

The organization was formed in 2018 by Master Johan Nel  6th degree of taekwondo international/Job Magagula 4th degree black belt of Taekwondo International and Master Rudolf Erasmus 6th degree of Taekwondo international.

The aim of the organization is to develop and promote taekwondo international in the African Continent, as a Martial art and Sports. The organization welcome Individuals, Clubs and Federations in the African continent, we welcome all Taekwondo styles. The organization is non-political, non racial, non-religious and non sexist. If you are tired of politics in any martial art organization and you want to train Taekwondo without being interrupted and disturbed, we are here to help you.

We will provide with support in training seminars, courses, tournaments and grading examinations. The organization will host an Africa Championship every year with the aim of uniting Africa in the Martial art of Taekwondo International and preparing the African competitors to compete in the international standard, especially our Taekwondo International World Championship in Great Britain.

As Africa Taekwondo International Union it gives us pleasure to be proud members of Taekwondo International (TAGB), and we support Taekwondo International. As the Senior Masters of Africa Taekwondo International we make sure that we don’t move away from the path of the original Taekwondo teachings which come from Taekwondo international our world body and our Grand Masters.

As the world Technical Director Grand Master C.K Choi one of the original Taekwondo pioneers, First Taekwondo Champion in sparring and Patterns, 9th degree black belt once said, “ The World President and Chairman of Taekwondo international, President of Taekwondo Association of Great Britain and Chairman of British Taekwondo Council, Grand Master Dave Oliver the 9th degree Black belt of Taekwondo is a True Taekwondo Grand Master who teach Taekwondo the way it has been developed, not the way it has been modernised. The original Pioneers continue by saying I believe it is important that traditional and original forms of Taekwondo should be continued to be taught as it was created many years ago.

As Senior Masters of Africa Taekwondo International Union (ATIU) we will make sure that we don’t shift from the original path of Taekwondo, we haven’t change and we won’t change.


Master Johan Nel 6th degree black belt of Taekwondo international (President of ATIU).

Job Magagula 4th degree of Taekwondo international (Vice President and Development officer of ATIU. 2013 Taekwondo International World Bronze Medallist.

Master Rudolf Erasmus 6th degree black belt (Vice President of ATIU).